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Developer(s) Rolf Osterthun
Initial release unknown
Current version 1.0.634
Development status unknown
Operating system Windows
Available in unknown
Type File conversion
License unknown
Website LDraw Discussion Forum
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3dxml2dat is a tool created by Rolf Osterthun used for converting 3D data captured from LEGO Digital Designer using 3DVIA Printscreen, and converting it into an LDraw-compatible file.

The initial version required that the exported 3dxml file have its data extracted and modified before being able to convert the file. The latest version allows direct conversion of 3dxml files, as well as the ability to export images contained within the file into the TGA format.


For quick conversion, a 3dxml file can simply be dragged on to the executable and this will automatically convert the file to the LDraw format.

More advanced features can be accessed by running the application via the command line, as outlined below:

Usage: 3dxml2dat.exe [Options] <inputFileName>
  [-scale <value>]: scale the mesh with factor <value> (default is 25)
  [-out <outputFileName>]: write the result in <outputFileName> (default is <inputFileName>.dat)
  [-optionalLines <true|false>]: draw optional lines (default is <true>)
  [-normals <true|false>]: draw normals (default is <false>)
  [-images <true|false>]: extract the contained images (default is <false>)

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