Getting Started - Linux

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Step 1: Download and Install the LDraw Library

  • Go to the download page and download the latest
  • Unzip in the directory of your choice - we recommend ~/ldraw/ if you don't want to worry about file permissions.

Step 2: Install LDCad

  • Go to and download the Linux version of LDCad
  • Unzip the package into the directory of your choice
  • Run LDCad
  • When asked for the location of the LDraw Library, use the directory where you unzipped

Step 2b: Other editors

  • The Konstruktor editor is also under development and may offer an alternative to LDCad.

Step 3: Dive in

Learning how to use your new editor or understanding the LDraw file format may be a challenge, but with a little practice you will get the hang of it. Check out the tutorials on the wiki or on the main website.


Need help with any of this? Visit the Forums and ask a large group of users for help.