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==Main categories==
Each article should belong to one of these categories. Just type <nowiki>[[category:CATEGORY NAME]]</nowiki> at the bottom of the article.
==OS categories==
If the article only applies to a single OS (or OSes) you should add OS categories to it. The OS categories are [[:category:Linux|Linux]], [[:category:Mac|Mac]] and [[:category:Windows|Windows]].
==Language categories==
One advantage of the wiki is that articles can easily be translated or written in a language other than English. If you do this write the article title in its native language followed by the language in brackets. Then add it to a language category such as [[:category:Deutsch|Deutsch]], [[:category:Italiano|Italiano]] etc. If yours is the first article in the language go to the category and add the category to [[:category:Languages|Languages]].

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