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! 2018
! 2018
| [[Michael 'Mike' Heidemann]]
| [[Michael Heidemann]]

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The James Jessiman Memorial Award was established by James Jessiman's family to honour an individual who has contributed to the furthering of LDraw, the DAT format, and James' memory.

Every year, in consultation with Don and Robyn Jessiman, the LDraw.org Steering Committee carefully choose the recipient from amongst those who have worked hard to keep LDraw alive, with the caveat that current SteerCo members are ineligible.


Year Name
2001 Steve Bliss
2002 (not awarded)
2003 Jacob Sparre Andersen
2004 Lars C. Hassing
2005 Michael Lachmann
2006 Orion Pobursky
2007 Kevin Clague
2008 Philippe Hurbain
2009 Tim Courtney
2010 (not awarded)
2011 Travis Cobbs
2012 Steffen Lohse
2013 Magnus Forsberg
2014 Sergio Reano
2015 Roland Melkert
2016 Nils Schmidt
2017 Chris Dee
2018 Michael Heidemann

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