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|align="left" style="background:#DCDCDC; color:black"|2009-10-13
|align="left" style="background:#DCDCDC; color:black"|2009-10-13
|align="left" style="background:#DCDCDC; color:black"|2338
|align="left" style="background:#DCDCDC; color:black"|[http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2338.dat 2338]
|align="left" style="background:#DCDCDC; color:black"|Minifig Hat High Cone Shaped
|align="left" style="background:#DCDCDC; color:black"|Minifig Hat High Cone Shaped
|align="left" style="background:#DCDCDC; color:black"|New part, Peeron number x107
|align="left" style="background:#DCDCDC; color:black"|New part, Peeron number x107

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The LDraw Steering Committee has been in contact with the LEGO Universe team, and to ease up the conversion between LDraw and LEGO Digital Designer, the LEGO Universe Team has shared part shapes with the LDraw.org community.

The shapes, however, are very raw, and aren't directly sent to the Parts Tracker. Instead, they are put up on LDraw.org and part authors clean up the rough data, do primitive substitution, take care of BFC, the part header, and so on. These parts sent to the PT are exempted from the 'author's protection' policy as the original author was the LEGO Universe team - meaning that anybody can fix sent parts without waiting the three months after posting a hold vote.

List of L(EGO)Draw parts in the 3rd LEGO Universe batch

The LEGO Universe Team has shared another batch of part shapes with the community, with the purpose to make them fit for the LDraw Parts Tracker. This time things are a bit different. The package we’ve got contains also shapes which are already official parts or at the PT for certification. You can help out sorting by comparing the part numbers below with the official parts, the PT and the shapes we already have:


From the CA point of view the most interesting parts are the replaces for these Non-CA parts:


Please add the numbers of the new parts under each picture


You are wondering about the green areas in the parts? During the conversation process it can happen that for example three points of a quad on the same line, so it should be turned into a triangle. That means, that at that points there are errors in that files that have to be fixed.
The “M” in front has been added by the LU Team for internal reasons - please ignore them).
The links to the pictures are: http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/L%28EGO%29Drawx.PNG where "x" is a number from 1 to 29.
The links to the thumbnails are: http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/mxxx.png where "xxxx" is the part number.
The links to the parts are: http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/mxxx.dat where "xxxx" is the part number.

Links to other pages

Red links indicate uncreated pages, clicking on them allow page creation.

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Thumbnail History date Number Name (taken from Peeron.com) Status To do
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2039.png 2009-10-13 2039 Lamppost 2 x 2 x 7 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m22667.png 2009-10-13 22667 Minifig Food Cherry Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m23306.png 2009-10-13 23306 Minifig Tool Light Saber Hilt Official number 577.dat Create Moved To
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m23318.png 2009-10-13 23318 Minifig Helmet Visor Space Part at PT hold voted. Issue with part number, shape OK
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2335.png 2009-10-13 2335 Flag 2 x 2 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2338.png 2009-10-13 2338 Minifig Hat High Cone Shaped New part, Peeron number x107 Cleanup for PT
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2339.png 2009-10-13 2339 Arch 1 x 5 x 4 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2340.png 2009-10-13 2340 Tail 4 x 1 x 3 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2341.png 2009-10-13 2341 Slope Brick 45 3 x 1 Inverted Double Official Part, on PT for improvement, shape OK.
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2345.png 2009-10-13 2345 Panel Wall 3 x 3 x 6 Corner Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2346.png 2009-10-13 2346 Tyre Medium Official Part, on PT for BFC, shape OK.
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2357.png 2009-10-13 2357 Brick 2 x 2 Corner Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2362.png 2009-10-13 2362 Panel 1 x 2 x 3 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2376.png 2009-10-13 2376 Tile 2 x 2 Round with Lifting Ring Official Part, certified at PT
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2377.png 2009-10-13 2377 Window 1 x 2 x 2 Plane Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2397.png 2009-10-13 2397 Animal Horse Hitching Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2401.png 2009-10-13 2401 Plate 10 x 10 without Corner Official Part, fixed version at PT
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2412.png 2009-10-13 2412 Tile 1 x 2 Grille Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2413.png 2009-10-13 2413 Wing 4 x 9 Official Part, improved version at PT
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2415.png 2009-10-13 2415 Plate 2 x 2 with Wheel Holder Plane Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2417.png 2009-10-13 2417 Plant Leaves 6 x 5 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2418.png 2009-10-13 2418b Windscreen 6 x 6 Octagonal Canopy with Axlehole Official Part Part could be improved (BFC...) but LUT part of little help
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2419.png 2009-10-13 2419 Plate 3 x 6 without Corners Official Part, on PT for improvement
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2420.png 2009-10-13 2420 Plate 2 x 2 Corner Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2421.png 2009-10-13 2420 Propellor 3 Blade 4 Diameter Official Part, on PT for improvement, shape OK
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2423.png 2009-10-13 2423 Plant Leaves 4 x 3 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2429.png 2009-10-13 2429 Hinge Plate 1 x 4 Base Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2431.png 2009-10-13 2431 Tile 1 x 4 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2431.png 2009-10-13 2431 Tile 1 x 4 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2432.png 2009-10-13 2432 Tile 1 x 2 with Handle Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2434.png 2009-10-13 2434 Brick 2 x 4 x 2 with Studs on Sides Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2435.png 2009-10-13 2435 Plant Tree Pine 3 x 3 x 4 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2436.png 2009-10-13 2436 Bracket 1 x 2 - 1 x 4 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2437.png 2009-10-13 2437 Windscreen 3 x 4 x 1 & 1/3 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2439.png 2009-10-13 2439 Container 2 x 2 Rubbish Bin Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2444.png 2009-10-13 2444 Plate 2 x 2 with Hole Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2445.png 2009-10-13 2445 Plate 2 x 12 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2447.png 2009-10-13 2447 Minifig Accessory Helmet Visor Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2449.png 2009-10-13 2449 Slope Brick 75 2 x 1 x 3 Inverted Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2450.png 2009-10-13 2450 Plate 3 x 3 without Corner Official Part on the PT
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2453.png 2009-10-13 2453 Brick 1 x 1 x 5 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2454.png 2009-10-13 2454 Brick 1 x 2 x 5 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2458.png 2009-10-13 2458 Brick 1 x 2 with Pin Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2460.png 2009-10-13 2460 Tile 2 x 2 with Pin Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2462.png 2009-10-13 2462 Brick 3 x 3 Facet Official Part

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