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List of L(EGO)Draw parts in the 3rd LEGO Universe batch

The LEGO Universe Team has shared another batch of part shapes with the community, with the purpose to make them fit for the LDraw Parts Tracker. This time things are a bit different. The package we’ve got contains also shapes which are already official parts or at the PT for certification. You can help out sorting by comparing the part numbers below with the official parts, the PT and the shapes we already have:


From the CA point of view the most interesting parts are the replaces for these Non-CA parts:


Please add the numbers of the new parts under each picture


The “M” in front has been added by the LU Team for internal reasons - please ignore them).
The links to the pictures are: http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/L%28EGO%29Drawx.PNG where "x" is a number from 1 to 29.
The links to the thumbnails are: http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/mxxx.png where "xxxx" is the part number.


Thumbnail History date Number Name (taken from Peeron.com) Note To do
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2039.png 2009-10-13 2039 Lamppost 2 x 2 x 7 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m22667.png 2009-10-13 22667 Minifig Food Cherry Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m23306.png 2009-10-13 23306 Minifig Tool Light Saber Hilt Official number 577.dat Create Moved To
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m23318.png 2009-10-13 23318 Minifig Helmet Visor Space Part at PT hold voted. Issue with part number, shape OK
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2335.png 2009-10-13 2335 Flag 2 x 2 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2338.png 2009-10-13 2338 Minifig Hat High Cone Shaped Peeron number x107 Cleanup for PT
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2339.png 2009-10-13 2339 Arch 1 x 5 x 4 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2340.png 2009-10-13 2340 Tail 4 x 1 x 3 Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2341.png 2009-10-13 2341 Slope Brick 45 3 x 1 Inverted Double Official Part, on PT for improvement, shape OK.
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2345.png 2009-10-13 2345 Panel Wall 3 x 3 x 6 Corner Official Part
http://www.holly-wood.it/tmp/LEGODraw/m2346.png 2009-10-13 2346 Tyre Medium Official Part, on PT for BFC, shape OK.