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Software icon.png
Developer(s) Tim Gould
Initial release unknown
Current version 2.01
Development status unknown
Operating system Windows
Available in unknown
Type Library utility
License unknown
Website LDMakeList
Software infobox

LDMakeList is a tool created by Tim Gould as a replacement for the default mklist.exe that is included with LDraw.

The advantage of using LDMakeList is that it can disregard parts whose names begin with certain characters, by using the -h command, meaning that colour aliases and other parts that are defined with leading character such as _ or ~ are not listed.


By running the executable file, the following information is supplied:

Use -? for help, -v for version
Valid options are:
-d or -D : sort by _D_escription (default)
-n or -N : sort by file_N_ame
-p or -P : sort by description (_P_atterns at end of file)
-s or -S : use _S_hort descriptions*
-m or -M : include pri_M_itives in the list
-u or -U : include _U_nofficial part directory
-r or -R : _R_emove duplicate entries (experimental)
-o or -O : Include _o_fficial parts only
-l[DIRNAME] or -L[DIRNAME] : Read from _L_Draw director DIRNAME
-h[C] or -H[C] : -H_ide descriptions starting with character(s) [C]
-i[C] or -I[C] : str_I_p leading character(s) [C] from descriptions
-x or -X : do not write parts._x_ml file

e.g. "LDList -d -h=_ -i~" will generate a parts.lst file sorted by
description excluding colour and part aliases and removing the
~ character from the start of descriptions

* The old limit for part descriptions is 64 characters and it is
possible that descriptions longer than this might break some
old software. This ensures that the output filenames are no
longer than 64 characters. Use if programs are giving errors.

Sort by [D]escription or [N]umber?

Selecting either D or N will arrange the data in the outputted parts.lst file in a certain order.

By running the application from the command line, the other switches can also be enabled or disabled.

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