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'''LDRAW files''' need to have a specific '''syntax''' to be understood by the various tools.
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The syntax has been invented by [[James Jessiman]] and carefully extended since then.
You can find the definition of that syntax at
* http://www.ldraw.org/documentation/ldraw-org-file-format-standards.html
The syntax is taken care of by the [[LDraw Standards Board]].
== Advantages ==
* the syntax is text-based (not: binary), which makes it
** easily human-readable
** easily diffable by diff tools
** easy to store on source code revision control systems (like for example [[git]])
* the syntax is quite compact:
** the most frequent elements can be written in simple, compact syntax, without lots of syntax clutter around it (as for example in [[XML]])
== Disadvantages ==
* the syntax is "line-by-line based", this makes designing statements very difficult which aim to refer to a bunch of lines as a whole

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