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'''LDraw''' refers to the system of tools built around the [[LDraw file format]], but also to the set of [[official parts|official]] and [[unofficial parts]].
== History ==
[[James Jessiman]], during his free time, developed [[LDraw (program)|LDraw]] and [[LEdit]], the original LDraw programs. He received a lot of feedback and his system flourished. In late July 1997, James died of influenza after a short period of illness. The community was shocked of this. Instead of disappearing, however, LDraw began to be taken care of by the community.
In many volunteering hours, LDraw grew and grew. Many tools and parts were developed. Set inventories created. Colors researched. Images and videos created. Many things more.
At some point, [[LDraw.org]] was formed, the [[Steering Committee]] and [[Standards Board]] were elected, and the development of [[official part]]s was formalized a little more
to ensure a high quality and usability and consistency of those parts.
Today, [[LDraw.org]] takes care of [[LDraw]].
Eventually, in the 21st century, it was decided to re-license the library under the
[[Creative Commons]] Attribution license, forming the [[Contributor Agreement]].
Nowadays, all official parts are released with this new license model.
== External Links ==
* [http://www.ldraw.org Official Homepage]
* {{Wikipedia|LDraw}}


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