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==External links==
==External links==
* {{ldraw|article/382.html|Standards Committee}}
* {{ldraw|article/382.html|Standards Committee}}

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The goal of the LDraw.org Standards Committee, also known as the LSC, is to foster increased coordination and direction in the common community effort to develop a better LDraw file format. The participants of this body discuss, vote on, and adopt community-developed commands as official LDraw.org standards, consisting of the original LDraw spec (1.0.0) plus meta-commands developed by various LDraw-compatible LEGO CAD programs.


The LSC is responsible for maintaining semi-regular internal discussions on pending file format issues, the overall progress of the LDraw file format and new or proposed developments made by different LDraw-based software authors.

They are responsible for developing their own internal procedures on how to process and vote on proposals and how to write and publish documentation. The Committee are also responsible for updating the greater LDraw community periodically of progress within the group. The Standards Committee adopts new official standards by voting on them, and publish documentation on LDraw.org following such a decision. The LSC documents past, current and future LDraw File Formats.


The LSC consists of a minimum of 5 people. The LSC can vote to create additional vacancies for future elections. The LSC also defines a procedure for voting to eliminate seats added in the future. One seat is reserved for a current LDraw Library Administrator. If there is more than one LDraw Library Administrator then the LDraw Library Administrators will self select a member to represent them on the LSC.

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