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About the LDraw wiki

What is it for?

This wiki was created to better enable LDraw users to edit and improve information for other users.

Does this supersede the articles on LDraw.org

Not at all. While the tutorials and information on the main website will remain, it is much easier to improve things here. We hope to port any improvements or important articles from here back to LDraw.org every so often to keep them in one place.

Any other advantages?

Yes. It is much easier to do translations of articles here. If you have skills in multiple languages you can translate an article from this site into another language for people who may have troubles with English (or other languages).

About LDraw software

Please see the LDraw software FAQ

About the LDraw format

Please see the LDraw format FAQ

Wiki markup

What is markup?

Markup is just a way of converting characters into formatting. For example if you write ''this'' on a wiki page you will see this where the text is in italics and the apostrophes have gone. Wikipedia:How to edit a page covers wiki markup in detail.

How do I make my page have links?

You need to learn Wiki markup. To check out some basic Wiki markup, go see the Help page or go straight to Wikipedia's page. If you have a basic idea of markup, a link is made through [[Article title]] for an internal (to the LDraw Wiki) article or [URL Link name] for an external link. For example LDraw or Lugnet are generated by [[LDraw]] or [http://www.lugnet.org/ Lugnet].

I don't really understand how to use markup?

If you don't feel confident about using markup, don't worry. Just write in plain text and someone else will mark it up for you. But do remember to add {{stub}} at the end of what you write.

How do I send someone a message?

To send someone a message, you edit their 'user talk' page. Either enter User talk:USERNAME into the search bar or follow a link to their name and click on the Discussion tab (the tab to the right of the user page tab) on the top of the page.

Remember to give your comment a "title" by using ==Some Title Of Your Choice== before your message, and don't forget to sign it (by using four tildes in a row: ~~~~). Doing this will result in a banner in orange across the top of any pages they visit, until they click on their user talk page themselves.

Note: Once you do this, you should check their page for replies as well as yours, some users reply on their own page and some on yours...

If you know who they are in real life you can also send them an email outside the wiki of course... normally there is a feature to send email to those users that allow it via the wiki but right now that feature doesn't seem to be working right.

How do I sign?

Simple! Just type ~~~~ after your message and when you save the page, it will be signed.

How do I include an image in my page?

For a detailed explanation on how to include an image on a page, please see Help:Images on MediaWiki.

How can I link to a category?

If you wish to link to a category, simply put a colon (:) before it in the standard wiki link style. i.e. to link to the Terms category you would type [[:Category:Terms]] which would appear as follows: Category:Terms

How do I make a redirect?

A redirect is a page consisting entirely of the markup #redirect [[destination page]].