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Developer(s) Sylvain Sauvage
Initial release 2017
Current version 1.1
Development status Stable
Operating system Anyone that supports Qt5
Mac OS X
Available in English
Type File converter
License GPLv3+ / Free & libre
Website lxf2ldr
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lxf2ldr is a command line tool to convert LEGO Digital Designer models (LXF) to LDraw models ( LDR/.MPD). A minimal GUI is also available.

It uses LDD’s ldraw.xml conversion file (up-to-date version included) to convert colours, ids, and positions/rotations. It converts LDD’s groups into LDraw subfiles. It also converts decorations (when possible/available in LDraw). And it converts flexible parts, they are exported as LSynth commands.


lxf2ldr comes only is source form and needs to be compiled.

It uses Qt5 core, QuaZIP and yaml-cpp libraries.

Alternative Project

If you can’t build from the sources, or don’t like or want to, lxf2ldr.html, a sibling project, is made for you.