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This is an inventory of Macintosh compatible LDraw software. Everyone is encouraged to contribute updates, clarifications, and corrections to this page. The objective is to compile and maintain a definitive list of the tools Mac users have at their disposal to work with the LDraw system.


These programs can be used to create LDraw models.

  • Bricksmith: Arguably the premier Macintosh LDraw editor. Features a minifig editor, mouse-based part movement (as well as keyboard controls), and a searchable part browser.
  • ldglite: Keyboard oriented editor with numerous options. Faithful to the original LDraw and LEdit interface.
  • LEGO Digital Designer: Limited translation between LDraw and LDD format is possible.
  • BrickDraw3D: Features drag-and-drop part insertion and movement.

This editor no longer seems to be available:


These programs are primarily intended to view existing LDraw models.

  • LDView: Robust viewer with fly-through mode, automatic part downloading, and numerous rendering options.
  • L3Lab: Viewer with many useful options including an "exploded" view.
  • LCX: Experimental viewer with BFC tools and a rudimentary text-based editor.


Create step-by-step instructions to show others how to build your models.

  • LPub: Page layout program to create building instructions for LDraw models.


Most of these utilities are command line programs, so some familiarity with the Terminal is needed to use them.

  • LSculpt: Generate "studs-out" LDraw surfaces from arbitrary 3D models.
  • LSynth and LSynth Service: Synthesize flexible elements like hoses and chains. [2]
  • L3P and L3P Launcher: Convert LDraw files to POV-Ray format for high-quality rendering. LGEO parts can be substituted. [3]
  • PreL3P: Convert newer color codes to a format understood by L3P.
  • txt2dat: Generate textual LDraw stickers.
  • Isecalc: Compute part intersections.
  • Linetrim: Clip lines against surfaces.
  • Planarcheck: Test quadrilateral coplanarity.
  • Coverer: Generate a sheet of triangles and quads between lines.
  • Ytruder: Another way to generate a sheet of triangles and quads.
  • TextWrangler LDraw Kit and ldlocate: Improve TextWrangler's ability to edit LDraw files.
  • LDraw-mode for Emacs: Adds functionality for working with LDraw files to the Emacs editor. [4]
  • img2sticker: Convert images to optimized LDraw stickers. [5]
  • LDMerge: Merge and un-merge separate LDraw part libraries.
  • Part Search Services: Look up selected part information in popular databases.
  • l2rib: Convert LDraw models to RenderMan format.
  • LDTrim: Reformat LDraw code for clarity and consistency.


Although not strictly Macintosh oriented, web based LDraw tools are accessible to Mac users.