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Developer(s) James Jessiman
Initial release 1995 [?]
Current version unknown
Development status Discontinued
Operating system DOS
Available in English
Type Library utility
License unknown
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makelist was the original tool included with LDraw used for creating the parts.lst file.

Due to issues with makelist not being able to handle parts libraries with more than 1000 parts, makelst2 was introduced as its replacement.


When running makelist, only two options are available:

Sort by [N]ame or [D]escription:

Selecting [N] sorts parts by file name and selecting [D] sorts parts by the more user-friendly description.

For example, selecting [N] produces the following result:

1.DAT         Homemaker Bookcase  2 x  4 x  4
10.DAT        Baseplate 24 x 32
100.DAT       Slope Brick 45  2 x  1 Inverted
101.DAT       Plate  1 x  3
102.DAT       Door  1 x  4 x  6
103.DAT       Winch  2 x  4 x  2
103A.DAT      ~Winch  2 x  4 x  2 Base
103B.DAT      ~Winch  2 x  4 x  2 Drum
103C.DAT      ~Winch  2 x  4 x  2 Top
11.DAT        Door  1 x  3 x  4 Frame

Whereas selecting [D] produces the following:

148.DAT       Antenna
368.DAT       Antenna Whip
278.DAT       Arch  1 x  3
6005.DAT      Arch  1 x  3 x  2 with Curved Top
47.DAT        Arch  1 x  4
6182.DAT      Arch  1 x  4 x  2
2339.DAT      Arch  1 x  5 x  4
3455.DAT      Arch  1 x  6
3307.DAT      Arch  1 x  6 x  2
6183.DAT      Arch  1 x  6 x  2 with Curved Top

Runtime error

Running makelist on a more "modern" system (Windows 98, for example) would cause it to crash, producing an error similar to the below:

Runtime error 200 at 0049:0091.

This issue was rectified in makelst2.

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