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Developer(s) Tore Eriksson
Initial release 23 March 1998
Current version unknown
Development status Discontinued
Operating system DOS
Available in English
Type Library utility
License unknown
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makelst2, also known as Makelist II, was the replacement for James Jessiman's original makelist, and was included with one of the early LDraw parts updates.

It has since been superseded by mklist.

Release notes

The following release notes are taken from the LCAD9803 parts update, released in March 1998.

Note on the new makelist program, MAKELST2.

The original makelist program, included in the James Jessimans LDraw
package, has a limitation.

Makelist.exe was designed to create a sorted list of files in the
LDraw\Parts directory.  That list, Parts.lst, is used by LEdit in
displaying parts when creating models. But it crashes or locks up the
computer if there are over 1000 files in that directory.

At this time, we are approaching that number. Some people with custom
parts or model files in that directory have already exceeded it.

So to correct this problem, Tore Eriksson wrote a new version, Makelst2.
It works the same way as the original, except the command line choices.
It uses F or D for (F)ilename or (D)escription rather than N or D for
(N)ame or (D)escription.

Another solution is to use Steve Bliss's LDrawAddon (LDAO).  The latest
versions of that program have an internal makelist program that can
process over 1000 files.  But you must have the program set to use the
internal (Win95) version and not the original DOS version.  If you use
LDAO, and don't know how to change the makelist, contact me or the author
on how to do so.

So if you have over 1000 files in your LDraw\Parts directory, DO NOT use
the original makelist.exe file.  Use the new Makelst2.exe or LDAO's
internal makelist.

NOTE: At this time, it seems that Makelst2 will not run under Windows NT.
Something about an unsupported DOS call.  Sorry NT'rs. :-(

-- Terry K --
[email protected]

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