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Allen Smith
LDraw username AllenSmith
Age 32
Country United States
Role(s) Standards Committee
User infobox

Allen is the author of Bricksmith and a member of the LSC.

Location: Washougal, WA, USA

History with LDraw: Allen's discovery of LDraw in 2000 was a bittersweet moment. He was astounded by such amazing possibilities in his lifelong Lego hobby, but the joy was tarnished by the realization that LDraw wasn't a part of his other lifelong passion: Macintosh computers. Eventually he concluded that in order to get the Mac LDraw editor he wanted, he'd need to write it himself. So after months of feverish coding, Allen unveiled Bricksmith 1.0 in August 2005. He could build instructions entirely on his Mac for the first time. He's been steadily tinkering with Bricksmith ever since.

Related interests: By day, Allen is also a Mac programmer. Allen's hobbies include Lego and Apple of course, but he also has a strange affinity for lost causes. He's still trying to win converts to the Dvorak keyboard he adopted in ninth grade.