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{{PersonPic|Name=Kevin Clague|Username=kclague|Age=54|Country=USA|Roles=SteerCo|ImageSource=File:KevinClague.png}}
{{PersonPic|Name=Kevin Clague|Username=kclague|Age=54|Country=USA|ImageSource=File:KevinClague.png}}

'''Name:''' Kevin Clague (Username: kclague)
'''Name:''' Kevin Clague (Username: kclague)

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Kevin Clague
Username: [kclague]
Age: 54
Country: USA

Name: Kevin Clague (Username: kclague)

Age: 54 (as of 2012)

Location: Owatonna, MN USA

History with LDraw: Kevin started using LDraw in 1998 when the first Mindstorms Sets were introduced. He was contacted by a publisher that wanted to publish LEGO books. It was decided that LDraw, L3P and POV-Ray would be used to create the instructions. Kevin wrote a perl script to automate much of the image generation process. Later he converted this to a rudimentary C++ GUI program - today known as LPub (LDraw Publisher). He is currently working on version 4, a complete tool for laying out building instructions.

Kevin was a charter member of both the LDraw Standards Committee (LSC), and the LDraw Steering Committee (SteerCo). Kevin has co-authored four books on the topic of LEGO, three are building instructions books, and the fourth is the first book dedicated to the LDraw family of tools.

Related interests: Kevin's LEGO Dark age ended in 1998 when the LEGO Mindstorms set was first introduced. Kevin is a computer engineer and does both software and hardware at work. The programming for LPub is very different than the kind he does at work, so it is a nice change of pace.

Kevin is an avid fan of technic and robotics LEGO products. He specializes in making walking and crawling creatures, especially ones made out of pneumatics.