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Max Martin Richter
Username: [MMR1988]
Age: 24
Country: Germany
Role(s): SteerCo

Name: Max Martin Richter (Username: MMR1988)

Age: 24 (as of 2013)

Gender: Male

Location: Chemnitz, Germany, Europe

History with LDraw:
Max started using the LDraw System of Tools in 2008, while building a replica of a MOC. This was his first model after exiting his dark ages. He built a couple of models of the Technic and Modular Building series with MLCad in the following years and ended up authoring LDraw parts, because some were not available in the official parts library. Once mastered this challenge the step to become a parts reviewer was rather small.

Related interests:
Max collects sets of the LEGO Technic series and is member of the German LUG He studies traffic and transportation and enjoys riding his bicycle in a long holiday - mostly in Skandinavia - at least once a year.