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Michael is currently a member of the LDraw Steering Committee (SteerCo) and author of DatHeader.

Michael "Mike" Heidemann
Username: [mikeheide]
Age: 49
Country: Germany
Role(s): Software author

Name: Michael "Mike" Heidemann (Username: mikeheide)

Age: 49 (in 2012)

Gender: Male

Location: Bielefeld, Germany, Europe

History with LDraw:
Michael found LDraw while he was searching for building instructions for a set his wife had bought for his son. Since he already had a little experience with POV-Ray his interest in makeing some old sets in LDraw was piqued. Soon he discovered that there were some/many pieces missing from the LDraw parts library and he started making them himself.

Related interests:
He is also a passionate collector. His first complete range of LEGO sets was the ZNAP theme. Using his experience in computer programming with visual basic he also wrote some programmes which deal with LDraw files.

Unrelated interests:
Michael is a sales manager by education and became a computer programmer by interest. He also likes sports - especially badminton.