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'''Age:''' 33 (as of 2011)
'''Age:''' 33 (as of 2011)
'''Country:''' Norfolk, Virgina, Untied States
'''Location:''' Norfolk, Virgina, Untied States
'''History with LDraw:'''
'''History with LDraw:'''

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Orion Pobursky
Username: [OrionP]
Age: 33
Country: United States
Role(s): Webmaster

Orion is currently LDraw.org's webmaster.

Name: Orion Pobursky (Username: OrionP)

Age: 33 (as of 2011)

Location: Norfolk, Virgina, Untied States

History with LDraw:

Orion began using LDraw in 1998. In early 2002 Orion started constructing set 7181 and out of need authored his first LDraw parts. After that he become a fairly prolific parts author. In May of 2003 Orion joined the team developing LDraw Design Pad, a LDraw specific text editor. Additionally, in July of 2003 Orion was selected to serve on the first LDraw.org Standards Committee. When Tim Courtney decided to hand off LDraw.org website site management in September of 2003 he chose Orion who has handled website matters ever since. The LDraw community formally elected Orion to the LDraw.org Steering Committee in 2004 where he was a member for 2 years. After leaving the SteerCo, Orion was selected to be the 2006 recipient of LDraw.org's James Jessiman Memorial Award. Since then he has been puttering around behind the scenes, maintaining the LDraw.org websites.

Related interests:

Orion's interests are a many. In fact he seems to be involved in just about every aspect of the LDraw community. From parts authoring to developing new LDraw programs to evangelizing LDraw at fests and conventions, Orion seems to embrace all forms of community involvement.