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Scott Wardlaw
Username: [wardlws]
Age: 35
Country: United States
Role(s): Color Master

Scott is currently the Color Master for LDraw.

Name: Scott Wardlaw (Username: wardlws)

Age: 35 (as of 2012)

Location: Huntsville, AL, Untied States

History with LDraw:

Scott discovered the LDraw library sometime in 2000 when searching for LEGO inventory software. After he graduated college two years later, his tinkerings with LDraw became more substantial. In 2006 he began designing serious models that he distributed as desktop wallpaper. In 2007, he authored a program called Sticker_Generator that converted bitmap images into LDraw format as a part file. The following year, he authored another program called Color_Manager that creates a parts list that will consist of only parts that are available in the color that the user chooses. This allows someone to use rare colors in their models with confidence that the parts that are used are available for sale. Now, he is responsible for the two color files (LDConfig.ldr and LDcfgalt.ldr), and LEGO trains and family are his main focus.

Related interests:

In addition to LEGO, Scott also upgrades cars, maintains his house, plays video games, and enjoys watching TV. In years past, he has gone kayaking in white-water, hiked part of the Appalachian trail, scuba dived in the Caribbean, finished 5th in the '96 state bicycling tournament, water-skied inter-collegiately, run at Pikes Peak, and has enjoyed snow-skiing on occasion. Scott is a Christian, graduate of Auburn University, Senior Analyst in Electrical Engineering, and he is also an Eagle Scout. Please check out his web site: