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Steffen Lohse
Username: [Steffen]
Country: Germany
Role(s): Parts Author, JJMA Recipient

History with LDraw:

I had discovered LDRAW around late 2002 and immediately fell addicted to it for the simplicity and elegance of its principle. It allowed me to revive long lost child memories of LEGO, and I immediately started re-building many of my favourite sets. At that time, I was using L3Lab and MLCad to create 3D scenes, which I then converted to POVRay format using L3P. I quickly discovered that still many parts were missing and found fun in creating them, thus quickly became a parts author. As a child I had loved the 12V Trains and thus found it necessary to create the track parts for that system, which were missing at that time:

12V Slotted.jpg

The most complicated part of that set was the train point part 73696c04.dat, which still needs improvement. At the time of creating it, Philo's fabulous LDRAW authoring tools didn't exist yet. I also carefully checked that the newly created 12V train track parts were properly integrated into BlueBrick, so you now can elegantly create a train track layout using that software, and then export to .ldr format, then do a POVRay render.

Collection of 12V Train Parts.jpg

My favourite LEGO themes are the 12V trains, Fabuland, Classic Legoland City and Technic. Nowadays, I am just using LDView to export my LDRAW scenes to POVRay format, adding just some custom lighting setup.

Related interests:

I work as a software developer, like to play the piano and am addicted to Lindy Hop, so we can meet at Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden.


My mail address for LDRAW purposes is muchelchupser(AT) (It is a word play on a German term for people living in Hamburg.)