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{{PersonPic|Name=Tim Courtney|Username=tim|Age=30|Country=USA|Roles=JJMA Recipient|ImageSource=Image:TimCourtney.jpg}}
{{PersonPic|Name=Tim Courtney|Username=tim|Age=30|Country=USA|Roles=JJMA Recipient|ImageSource=Image:Tim_Courtney.jpg}}

'''Name:'''Tim Courtney (Username: Tim)
'''Name:'''Tim Courtney (Username: Tim)

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Tim Courtney
Username: [tim]
Age: 30
Country: USA
Role(s): JJMA Recipient

Name:Tim Courtney (Username: Tim)

Age: 30 (as of 2012)

Gender: Male

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

History with LDraw:
Tim worked with other LDraw users to found in 1999, creating a focal point for LDraw users and developers. He coordinated LDraw community efforts until passing the baton to Orion Pobursky in 2005. Tim served as Chairman of the first and second Steering Committees in 2004 and 2005. He is not currently active in the LDraw community.

During his tenure with, Tim promoted the site as the central resource for LDraw tools, encouraged the development of user-friendly tools, and taught people how to use LDraw at LEGO events like BrickFest and LEGOWORLD and industry trade shows like SIGGRAPH.

In 2003, Tim co-authored the book Virtual LEGO with Steve Bliss and Ahui Herrera. In December 2004 he appeared on G4TechTV's The Screen Savers (video) to promote the book. Tim spearheaded the formalization of the LDraw organization and bylaws along with core community members with the purpose of creating a constructive process and ensuring good governance of the common resources.

Highlights of his LDraw "Career":
Tim says the most enjoyable part of his LDraw experience was "...having the opportunity to meet countless LDraw developers and users at events and learning the different ways they use the tools. Seeing the things others made, hearing their own visions for the LDraw system, and building relationships was the absolute highlight for me." Tim says it was fun to see the evolution of how people create building instructions. He also enjoyed advancing the field of "building instruction theory" through several chapters in Virtual LEGO as well as virtual models and materials created for live presentations at LEGO events.

Though he is not actively involved in the community, Tim still enjoys hearing from LDraw users--about models, new developments, and personal inquiries.