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Travis is currently a member of the LDraw Standards Committee (LSC), and the author of LDView.

Travis Cobbs
Username: [tcobbs]
Age: 38
Country: USA
Role(s): LSC,JJMA Recipient

Name: Travis Cobbs (Username: tcobbs)

Age: 38 (as of 2011)

Location: San Diego, CA, USA

History with LDraw: Travis started using LDraw in 2000, and immediately decided that a real-time 3D viewer for LDraw models would be very useful. On 03 June, he released L3DView 0.1, a very rudimentary proof-of-concept. This was shortly renamed LDView to avoid confusion with Lars C. Hassing's programs with an L3 prefix (L3Lab and L3P). On 17 Oct, 2000, he release LDView 1.0, and has been releasing new versions ever since. Travis was elected to the LDraw Standards Committed starting in 2006 and has been reelected in each term up through 2011.

Related interests: Travis's LEGO dark age ended in 1996, and he's been an AFOL ever since. Even though his career is as a software engineer, he still enjoys computer programming as a hobby. He saw LDView as a way to merge this hobby with his LEGO hobby.