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|logo            = {{software/logo|POV-Ray icon.png|64px}}
|developer        = The POV-Team
|released        = 24 July 1992 {{comment|1.0}}
|version          = 3.7.0 {{comment|6 November 2013}}
|status          = Active
|operating system = Cross-platform
|language        = English
|genre            = Ray tracer
|license          = GNU AGPL
|website          = [http://www.povray.org/ www.povray.org]
'''{{PAGENAME}}''', short for Persistance of Vision Raytracer, is a ray tracing program that can be used to create realistic renders of [[LDraw]] models.
LDraw models can be exported to the {{PAGENAME}} format using [[LDView]] or [[L3P]].
The [[LGEO]] library, created by Lutz Uhlmann, was created to ensure that rendered models looked even more realistic when rendered.
<gallery widths=300px heights=225px>
Pyramid POV-Ray Radiosity Final.png|James Jessiman's pyramid model, rendered in {{PAGENAME}}.
21301 Birds.png|A {{PAGENAME}} render of the 2015 LEGO Ideas set '''21301 Birds'''.
==See also==
*[[Conversion 101]] {{comment|legacy article}}
==External links==
*[http://www.povray.org/ The Official {{PAGENAME}} website]
*[http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=65876 Rendering LDraw models using {{PAGENAME}}] at Eurobricks
*[http://www.bricksngears.com/2012/02/ldd-pov-ray-rendering-tutorial.html LDD {{PAGENAME}} Rendering tutorial] at bricks'n'gears {{comment|includes LDraw-related information}}

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