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|logo            = PrimGen2 icon.png
|logo            = {{software/logo|PrimGen2 icon.png}}
|developer        = [[Michael Heidemann]]
|developer        = [[Michael Heidemann]]
|version          = {{comment|2014-12-29}}
|version          = {{comment|2014-12-29}}

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Developer(s) Michael Heidemann
Initial release unknown
Current version (2014-12-29)
Development status Active
Operating system Windows, Mac, Linux
Available in English
Type LDraw part authoring
License unknown
Software infobox

PrimGen2 is a tool for creating new primitives for use in LDraw part authoring. It is based on PrimGen by Paul Easter.

It currently has the ability to the create the following primitives:

  • Chord
  • Circle
  • Cone
  • Cylinder
  • Disc
  • Disc negative
  • Ring
  • Torus

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