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Developer(s) unknown
Current version unknown
Development status unknown
Operating system unknown
Available in unknown
Type unknown
License unknown
Website unknown


|title            = <!-- Delete this line completely to use the {{{PAGENAME}}} variable -->
|logo             = <!-- Delete this line completely to use the generic software icon -->
|developer        = 
|version          = 
|status           = 
|operating system = 
|language         = 
|genre            = 
|license          = 
|website          = 


If the parameter is not known, the field should be removed from the infobox to ensure that unknown (see example above right) is displayed, rather than the field appearing empty. [This is due to a wiki limitation.]


Name of the software product as displayed inside the infobox. To use the {{{PAGENAME}}} parameter, remove this line from the infobox. Leaving the field blank will cause the name to be displayed incorrectly.


Code for a small image to be displayed as software product's logo or computer icon, set to a default width/height of 48px. The image does not function as a clickable link.
Replaces the previous |image= field.


Name of the current developer of the software product. It can be either an individual or an organization/business.


The version number of the latest release of the software product.


The development status of the computer program, such as: Planned, Active, Unmaintained, Discontinued, Stalled or Abandonware.

operating system

The operating system on which the given software product works.
Replaces the previous |platform= field.


Lists the natural languages in which the software product user interface can interact with user. Please do not supply "Multilingual" or such vague phrases which do not add to the knowledge of the reader.


Type of program. For more information, consult Wikipedia's List of software categories. Please do not use this field to briefly describe the role and function of the subject of the article. For example, instead of "SVG creator, editor and converter", consider using "Vector graphics editor". Instead of "PDF creator, editor, converter and viewer", consider using "Desktop publishing software". Instead of "DWG creator/editor", consider using "Computer-aided design".
Replaces the previous |function= field.


Type of the software license under which the consumer is allowed to use the product


The web site URL of the software package. This should only show the website's URL, e.g. [http://www.example.com/ www.example.com]. Avoid using printer-hostile forms like [http://www.example.com Example website].