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LDraw username Not supplied
Age Not supplied
Country Not supplied
Language(s) Not supplied
Role(s) N/A
Image N/A
User infobox


|name             = <!-- Delete this parameter completely to use the {{{PAGENAME}}} parameter -->
|ldraw username   = 
|age              = 
|country          = 
|language         = <!-- Each language should be separated with the <br> tag -->
|role             = <!-- Each role should be separated with the <br> tag -->
|image            = <!-- This parameter should include the full image declaration: [[File:ImageName.jpg|180px]] -->


If the parameter is not known, the field should be removed from the infobox to ensure that "Not supplied" or "N/A" (see example above right) is displayed, rather than the field appearing empty. [This is due to a wiki limitation.]


Name of the user as displayed at the top of the infobox. To use the {{{PAGENAME}}} parameter, remove this line from the infobox. Leaving the field blank will cause the name to be displayed incorrectly.

ldraw username

The user's LDraw username.


The user's age.


The user's country of residence.


The user's spoken/written language(s). Native language should be listed first, followed by any other languages.


The user's role(s) within the LDraw community.


An image of the user. This could also be their LDraw Discussion Forum avatar.