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Owen Burgoyne
LDraw name C3POwen
Location United Kingdom

About me

I've been an LDraw user for a long time, although spent some time playing with LDD. However, I went back to LDraw for its flexibility and rendering possibilities.

I've put some time into creating new parts of Lutz Uhlmann's LGEO system, used for rendering LDraw models in POV-Ray, although I've submitted a few parts to the LDraw Parts Tracker with my relatively basic grasp of LDraw part creation.

On the wiki

As Willy has asked me to put together an updated LDraw to POV-Ray tutorial, I will be using a test page under my User page to start building it before publishing it as a "proper" page.

In Progress: POV-Ray Tutorial

It will take some information from the tutorial I wrote at Eurobricks, found here, although I plan on focusing more on radiosity.

LDraw-to-LDD Colour Comparison Chart WIP

Some thoughts on putting together an LDraw colour comparison chart, much like Peeron's.

LDraw No. LDraw Name RGB Example LDD No. LDD Name RGB Example
0 Black 05131D 26 Black 1B2A34
1 Blue 0055BF 23 Bright Blue 1E5AA8
2 Green 257A3E 28 Dark Green 00852B
3 Dark Turquoise 00838F 107 Bright Bluish Green 069D9F
4 Red C91A09 21 Bright Red B40000
5 Dark Pink C870A0 222 Bright Purple D3359D
6 Brown 583927 217 Brown 7B5D41
7 Light Grey 9BA19D 2 Grey 8A928D
      108 Earth Yellow 56472F
      180 Curry DD982E
      310 Metalized Gold DFC176
      329 White Glow F5F3D7