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|- style="text-align:center;"
|- style="text-align:center;"
|134||Copper||style="background-color: #964A27; color: white"|964A27||{{colourBrickLink|84}}
|rowspan="2"|134||rowspan="2"|Copper||rowspan="2" style="background-color: #964A27; color: white"|964A27||rowspan="2"|{{colourBrickLink|84}}
|139||Copper||style="background-color: #764D3B; color: white"|764D3B||{{colourBrickset|Copper}}
|139||Copper||style="background-color: #764D3B; color: white"|764D3B||{{colourBrickset|Copper}}
|- style="text-align:center;"
|—||Copper Ink||—||{{colourBrickset|Copper-Ink}}
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|- style="text-align:center;"
|- style="text-align:center;"
|334||Chrome Gold||style="background-color: #BBA53D; color: white"|BBA53D||{{colourBrickLink|21}}
|334||Chrome Gold||style="background-color: #BBA53D; color: white"|BBA53D||{{colourBrickLink|21}}
|310||Metalized Gold||style="background-color: #DFC176; color: white"|DFC176||—
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|- style="text-align:center;"
|- style="text-align:center;"
|383||Chrome Silver||style="background-color: #E0E0E0; color: black"|E0E0E0||{{colourBrickLink|22}}
|383||Chrome Silver||style="background-color: #E0E0E0; color: black"|E0E0E0||{{colourBrickLink|22}}
|309||Metalized Silver||style="background-color: #CECECE; color: black"|CECECE||—
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|- style="text-align:center;"
|309||Metalized Silver||style="background-color: #CECECE; color: black"|CECECE||—
|- style="text-align:center;"
|310||Metalized Gold||style="background-color: #DFC176; color: black"|DFC176||—

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Some ideas on putting together an LDraw colour comparison chart, much like the Peeron Color List.

It is by no means complete, and needs updating since Brickset has changed the way its database manages parts/colours.


  • LDraw: The LDraw colours and (most of) their LEGO ID comparisons are based on the current official LDConfig.ldr file (2013-03-08). As LDraw and BrickLink mostly share naming conventions for their colours, if there is an entry in BrickLink's colour guide for the same LDraw colour it will be linked via a BrickLink favicon.png logo.
  • LEGO: The LEGO numbers, names and LDD colours are taken directly from LEGO Digital Designer, and are accurate as of LDD 4.3.8, Brick Version 1392. As Brickset can utilise LEGO's replacement parts system, if there is a Brickset entry available for a particular LDD colour it will be linked to via a Brickset favicon.png logo.
  • Peeron: A list of official definitions were posted to Peeron as their Offical LEGO Color Chart. Where possible, I have added an RGB example for comparison.
  • LEGO Color Palette: First publicly released in 2010, the LEGO Color Palette is a list of official colours in use by Lego. The last version was released in 2011 and contained 57 colours. The LCP RGB column shows the colour values where available.

LDraw colour comparison chart

LDraw No. LDraw Name LDraw RGB BrickLink favicon.png LEGO No. LEGO Name LDD RGB Brickset favicon.png Peeron RGB LCP RGB
0 Black 05131D BrickLink favicon.png 26 Black 1B2A34 Brickset favicon.png 1B2A34 010101
1 Blue 0055BF BrickLink favicon.png 23 Bright Blue 1E5AA8 Brickset favicon.png 0D69AB 0057A8
2 Green 257A3E BrickLink favicon.png 28 Dark Green 00852B Brickset favicon.png 287F46 007B28
3 Dark Turquoise 00838F BrickLink favicon.png 107 Bright Bluish Green 069D9F Brickset favicon.png 008F9B
4 Red C91A09 BrickLink favicon.png 21 Bright Red B40000 Brickset favicon.png C4281B DE000D
5 Dark Pink C870A0 BrickLink favicon.png 22 Medium Reddish Violet D05098 Brickset favicon.png C470A0
221 Bright Purple D3359D Brickset favicon.png CD6298 DE378B
6 Brown 583927 BrickLink favicon.png 25 Earth Orange 543324 Brickset favicon.png 62473B
7 Light Gray 9BA19D BrickLink favicon.png 2 Grey 8A928D Brickset favicon.png A1A5A2
8 Dark Gray 6D6E5C BrickLink favicon.png 27 Dark Grey 545955 Brickset favicon.png 6D6E6C
9 Light Blue B4D2E3 BrickLink favicon.png 45 Light Blue 97CBD9 Brickset favicon.png B4D2E3
10 Bright Green 4B9F4A BrickLink favicon.png 37 Bright Green 58AB41 Brickset favicon.png 4B974A 009624
11 Light Turquoise 55A5AF BrickLink favicon.png 116 Medium Bluish Green 00AAA4 Brickset favicon.png 55A5AF
12 Salmon F2705E BrickLink favicon.png 101 Medium Red F06D61 DA8679
13 Pink FC97AC BrickLink favicon.png 9 Light Reddish Violet F6A9BB Brickset favicon.png E8BAC7
14 Yellow F2CD37 BrickLink favicon.png 24 Bright Yellow FAC80A Brickset favicon.png F5CD2F FEC400
15 White FFFFFF BrickLink favicon.png 1 White F4F4F4 Brickset favicon.png F2F3F2 F4F4F4
17 Light Green C2DAB8 BrickLink favicon.png 6 Light Green ADD9A8 Brickset favicon.png C2DAB8
18 Light Yellow FBE696 BrickLink favicon.png 3 Light Yellow FFD67F Brickset favicon.png F9E999
19 Tan E4CD9E BrickLink favicon.png 5 Brick Yellow B0A06F Brickset favicon.png D7C599 D9BB7B
20 Light Violet C9CAE2 BrickLink favicon.png 39 Light Bluish Violet AFBED6 Brickset favicon.png C1CADE
21 Glow In Dark Opaque E0FFB0* BrickLink favicon.png 50 Phosphorescent White E5DFD3 Brickset favicon.png ECE8DE
22 Purple 81007B BrickLink favicon.png 104 Bright Violet 671F81 Brickset favicon.png 6B327B
23 Dark Blue Violet 2032B0 BrickLink favicon.png 196 Dark Royal Blue 0E3E9A Brickset favicon.png 23478B
25 Orange FE8A18 BrickLink favicon.png 106 Bright Orange D67923 Brickset favicon.png DA8540 E76318
26 Magenta 923978 BrickLink favicon.png 124 Bright Reddish Violet 901F76 Brickset favicon.png 923978 9C006B
27 Lime BBE90B BrickLink favicon.png 119 Bright Yellowish Green A5CA18 Brickset favicon.png A4BD46 95B90B
28 Dark Tan 958A73 BrickLink favicon.png 138 Sand Yellow 897D62 Brickset favicon.png 958A73 8D7452
29 Bright Pink E4ADC8 BrickLink favicon.png 222 Light Purple FF9ECD Brickset favicon.png E4ADC8 EE9DC3
30 Medium Lavender AC78BA BrickLink favicon.png 324 Medium Lavender A06EB9 Brickset favicon.png A06EB9
31 Lavender E1D5ED BrickLink favicon.png 325 Lavender CDA4DE Brickset favicon.png CDA4DE
33 Trans Dark Blue 0020A0 * BrickLink favicon.png 43 Tr. Blue A3C8D3 Brickset favicon.png 7BB6E8 50B1E8
34 Trans Green 237841 * BrickLink favicon.png 48 Tr. Green A1C795 Brickset favicon.png 84B68D 63B26E
35 Trans Bright Green 56E64 6* BrickLink favicon.png 311 Tr. Bright Green C4D884 Brickset favicon.png 99FF66
36 Trans Red C91A09 * BrickLink favicon.png 41 Tr. Red CA745B Brickset favicon.png CD544B E02A29
37 Trans Dark Pink DF6695 * BrickLink favicon.png 113 Tr. Medium Reddish Violet F2B0D4 Brickset favicon.png E4ADC8 EE9DC3
38 Trans Neon Orange FF800D * BrickLink favicon.png 47 Tr. Fluorescent Reddish Orange D89D89 Brickset favicon.png D9856C E76648
39 Trans Very Light Blue C1DFF0 * BrickLink favicon.png 229 Tr. Light Bluish Green C3D9DD Brickset favicon.png
40 Trans Black 635F52 * BrickLink favicon.png 111 Tr. Brown CBC5B8 Brickset favicon.png BFB7B1 A69182
41 Trans Medium Blue 559AB7 * BrickLink favicon.png 143 Tr. Fluorescent Blue D8E3F1 Brickset favicon.png CFE2F7 CEE3F6
42 Trans Neon Green C0FF00 * BrickLink favicon.png 49 Tr. Fluorescent Green F1EA90 Brickset favicon.png F8F184 8CE488
43 Trans Light Blue AEE9EF * BrickLink favicon.png 42 Tr. Light Blue C3DFE6 Brickset favicon.png C1DFF0 B6E0EA
44 Trans Light Purple 96709F * BrickLink favicon.png 236 Tr. Bright Reddish Lilac B0A0C4 Brickset favicon.png
45 Trans Pink FC97AC * BrickLink favicon.png 230 Tr. Bright Purple E8BDD1 Brickset favicon.png
46 Trans Yellow F5CD2F * BrickLink favicon.png 44 Tr. Yellow F1EA91 Brickset favicon.png F7F18D F9EF69
47 Trans Clear FCFCFC * BrickLink favicon.png 40 Transparent E9E9E7 Brickset favicon.png ECECEC EEEEEE
52 Trans Purple A5A5CB * BrickLink favicon.png 126 Tr. Bright Bluish Violet B9B4D0 Brickset favicon.png A5A5CB 9C95C7
54 Trans Neon Yellow DAB000 * BrickLink favicon.png 157 Tr. Fluorescent Yellow F3ED91 FFF67B
57 Trans Orange F08F1C * BrickLink favicon.png 182 Tr. Bright Orange E2B060 Brickset favicon.png EC760E
60 Chrome Antique Brass 645A4C BrickLink favicon.png
61 Chrome Blue 6C96BF BrickLink favicon.png
62 Chrome Green 3CB371 BrickLink favicon.png
63 Chrome Pink AA4D8E BrickLink favicon.png
64 Chrome Black 1B2A34 BrickLink favicon.png
68 Very Light Orange F3CF9B BrickLink favicon.png 36 Light Yellowish Orange FDC383 F3CF9B
69 Light Purple CD6298 BrickLink favicon.png 198 Bright Reddish Lilac 8A12A8 Brickset favicon.png 8E4285
70 Reddish Brown 582A12 BrickLink favicon.png 192 Reddish Brown 5F3109 Brickset favicon.png 694027 5B1C0C
71 Light Bluish Gray A0A5A9 BrickLink favicon.png 194 Medium Stone Grey 969696 Brickset favicon.png A3A2A4 9C9291
72 Dark Bluish Gray 6C6E68 BrickLink favicon.png 199 Dark Stone Grey 646464 Brickset favicon.png 635F61 4C5156
73 Medium Blue 5C9DD1 BrickLink favicon.png 102 Medium Blue 7396C8 Brickset favicon.png 6E99C9 478CC6
74 Medium Green 73DCA1 BrickLink favicon.png 29 Medium Green 7FC475 Brickset favicon.png A1C48B
75 Speckle Black Copper 000000 BrickLink favicon.png 306 Defused Copper Brickset favicon.png
76 Speckle Dark Bluish Gray Silver 635F61 BrickLink favicon.png
77 Light Pink FECCCF BrickLink favicon.png
78 Light Flesh F6D7B3 BrickLink favicon.png 283 Light Nougat FFC995 Brickset favicon.png F5C189
79 Milky White FFFFFF * BrickLink favicon.png 20 Nature E7E6E4
80 Metallic Silver A5A9B4 BrickLink favicon.png 298 Cool Silver, Drum Lacq 767676 Brickset favicon.png
81 Metallic Green 899B5F BrickLink favicon.png 200 Lemon Metallic 6A7944 828A5D
82 Metallic Gold DBAC34 BrickLink favicon.png 299 Warm Gold, Drum Lacq Brickset favicon.png
83 Metallic Black 1A2831 149 Metallic Black 0A1327 Brickset favicon.png 161D32
84 Medium Dark Flesh CC702A BrickLink favicon.png 312 Medium Nougat AA7D55 Brickset favicon.png AA7D55
85 Dark Purple 3F3691 BrickLink favicon.png 268 Medium Lilac 441A91 Brickset favicon.png 342B75 2C1577
86 Dark Flesh 7C503A BrickLink favicon.png 217 Brown 7B5D41 Brickset favicon.png 7C5C45
87 Metallic Dark Gray 6D6E5C
89 Blue Violet 4C61DB BrickLink favicon.png 195 Royal Blue 1C58A7 Brickset favicon.png 4667A4
92 Flesh D09168 BrickLink favicon.png 18 Nougat BB805A Brickset favicon.png CC8E68 D67240
100 Light Salmon FEBABD BrickLink favicon.png 100 Light Red F9B7A5 EEC4B6
110 Violet 4354A3 BrickLink favicon.png 110 Bright Bluish Violet 26469A Brickset favicon.png 435493
112 Medium Violet 6874CA BrickLink favicon.png 112 Medium Bluish Violet 4861AC Brickset favicon.png 6874AC
114 Glitter Trans Dark Pink DF6695 * BrickLink favicon.png 114 Tr. Pink (Glitter) F35DF0
115 Medium Lime C7D23C BrickLink favicon.png 115 Medium Yellowish Green B7D425 Brickset favicon.png C7D23C
117 Glitter Trans Clear FFFFFF * BrickLink favicon.png 117 Tr. Glitter EFEEEC Brickset favicon.png
118 Aqua B3D7D1 BrickLink favicon.png 118 Light Bluish Green 9CD6CC Brickset favicon.png B7D7D5
120 Light Lime D9E4A7 BrickLink favicon.png 120 Light Yellowish Green DEEA92 Brickset favicon.png D9E4A7
125 Light Orange F9BA61 BrickLink favicon.png 125 Light Orange F9A777 EAB891
129 Glitter Trans Purple 640061 * BrickLink favicon.png 129 Tr. Bluish Violet (Glitter) 435493 Brickset favicon.png
132 Speckle Black Silver 000000 BrickLink favicon.png 303 Cool Silver, Diffuse Brickset favicon.png
133 Speckle Black Gold 000000 BrickLink favicon.png
134 Copper 964A27 BrickLink favicon.png 139 Copper 764D3B Brickset favicon.png
Copper Ink Brickset favicon.png
135 Pearl Light Gray 9CA3A8 BrickLink favicon.png 131 Silver A0A0A0 Brickset favicon.png 9CA3A8
137 Metal Blue 5677BA BrickLink favicon.png 145 Metallic Sand Blue 5B7590 Brickset favicon.png 7988A1
142 Pearl Light Gold DCBE61 BrickLink favicon.png 127 Gold DEAC66 Brickset favicon.png DCBC81
148 Pearl Dark Gray 575857 BrickLink favicon.png 148 Metallic Dark Grey 484D48 Brickset favicon.png 575857 493F3B
316 Titanium Metallic 3E3C39 Brickset favicon.png 493F3B
150 Pearl Very Light Gray BBBDBC BrickLink favicon.png 150 Metallic Light Grey 989B99 ABADAC
151 Very Light Bluish Gray E6E3E0 BrickLink favicon.png 208 Light Stone Grey C8C8C8 Brickset favicon.png E5E4DE E4E4DA
178 Flat Dark Gold B4883E BrickLink favicon.png 147 Metallic Sand Yellow 83724F Brickset favicon.png 938767
179 Flat Silver 898788 BrickLink favicon.png 315 Silver Metallic 8C8C8C Brickset favicon.png 8D9496
183 Pearl White F2F3F2 BrickLink favicon.png 183 Metallic White F6F2DF Brickset favicon.png
191 Bright Light Orange F8BB3D BrickLink favicon.png 191 Flame Yellowish Orange FCAC00 Brickset favicon.png E8AB2D F49B00
212 Bright Light Blue 86C1E1 BrickLink favicon.png 212 Light Royal Blue 9DC3F7 Brickset favicon.png 9FC3E9 87C0EA
226 Bright Light Yellow FFF03A BrickLink favicon.png 226 Cool Yellow FFEC6C Brickset favicon.png FDEA8C FFFF99
216 Rust B31004 BrickLink favicon.png 216 Rust 872B17 8F4C2A
232 Sky Blue 56BED6 BrickLink favicon.png 232 Dove Blue 77C9D8 Brickset favicon.png 7DBBDD
272 Dark Blue 0D325B BrickLink favicon.png 140 Earth Blue 19325A Brickset favicon.png 203A56 002541
288 Dark Green 184632 BrickLink favicon.png 141 Earth Green 00451A Brickset favicon.png 27462C 003416
294 Glow In Dark Trans BDC6AD * BrickLink favicon.png 294 Phosphorescent Green DBDEAC Brickset favicon.png ECE8DE FEFCD5
297 Pearl Gold CC9C2B BrickLink favicon.png 297 Warm Gold AA7F2E Brickset favicon.png AA7F2E
308 Dark Brown 352100 BrickLink favicon.png 308 Dark Brown 372100 Brickset favicon.png 300F06
313 Maersk Blue 54A9C8 BrickLink favicon.png 11 Pastel Blue ABD9FF Brickset favicon.png
320 Dark Red 720E0F BrickLink favicon.png 154 New Dark Red 720012 Brickset favicon.png 7B2E2F 80081B
321 Dark Azure 1498D7 BrickLink favicon.png 321 Dark Azur 469BC3 Brickset favicon.png 469BC3
322 Medium Azure 3EC2DD BrickLink favicon.png 322 Medium Azur 68C3E2 Brickset favicon.png 68C3E4
323 Light Aqua BDDCD8 BrickLink favicon.png 323 Aqua D3F2EA Brickset favicon.png D3F2EA
326 Yellowish Green DFEEA5 BrickLink favicon.png 326 Spring Yellowish Green E2F99A Brickset favicon.png E2F99A
330 Olive Green 9B9A5A BrickLink favicon.png 330 Olive Green 77774E Brickset favicon.png
334 Chrome Gold BBA53D BrickLink favicon.png 310 Metalized Gold DFC176
335 Sand Red D67572 BrickLink favicon.png 153 Sand Red 88605E Brickset favicon.png 957976
351 Medium Dark Pink F785B1 BrickLink favicon.png
366 Earth Orange FA9C1C BrickLink favicon.png 12 Light Orange Brown D86D2C Brickset favicon.png CB8442
373 Sand Purple 845E84 BrickLink favicon.png 136 Sand Violet 75657D Brickset favicon.png 877C90
378 Sand Green A0BCAC BrickLink favicon.png 151 Sand Green 708E7C Brickset favicon.png 789081 5F8265
379 Sand Blue 597184 BrickLink favicon.png 135 Sand Blue 70819A Brickset favicon.png 74869C 5E748C
383 Chrome Silver E0E0E0 BrickLink favicon.png 309 Metalized Silver CECECE
450 Fabuland Brown B67B50 BrickLink favicon.png
462 Medium Orange FFA70B BrickLink favicon.png 105 Bright Yellowish Orange F58624 Brickset favicon.png E29B3F
484 Dark Orange A95500 BrickLink favicon.png 38 Dark Orange 91501C Brickset favicon.png A05F34 A83D15
503 Very Light Gray E6E3DA BrickLink favicon.png 103 Light Grey BCB4A5 Brickset favicon.png C7C1B7
4 Brick Red ** F2705E
7 Orange ** FF8500
8 Cobalt Blue ** 8C00FF
10 Transparent ** F3F3CA
13 Red Orange ** FF8014
14 Pastel Green ** 78FC78
15 Lemon ** FFF230
16 Pink ** FF879C
17 Rose ** FF9494
19 Light Brown ** CF8A47
108 Earth Yellow 56472F
121 Medium Yellowish Orange F89A39
122 FECB98
123 Bright Reddish Orange EE5434 Brickset favicon.png
Dark Orange / Earth Orange 128 Dark Nougat AD6140 Brickset favicon.png AE7A59
132 Black Glitter
133 Neon Orange D5733D EF5828
134 Neon Green CDDD34 D8DD56
137 Medium Orange F48147
146 Metallic Sand Violet 817590
158 Tr. Fluorescent Red EBB0C9 E1A4C2
168 Gun Metallic 60564C
176 Red Flip/Flop 945148 97695B
178 Yellow Flip/Flop AB673A B48455
179 Silver Flip/Flop 737271 898788
180 Curry DD982E Brickset favicon.png D7A94B
Red 184 Metallic Bright Red D60026 Brickset favicon.png
Blue 185 Metallic Bright Blue 0059A3 Brickset favicon.png
Green 186 Metallic Dark Green 008E3C Brickset favicon.png
Brown 187 Metallic Earth Orange 57392C Brickset favicon.png
Copper 189 Reddish Gold AC8247 Brickset favicon.png
190 Fire Yellow FFCF0B
193 Flame Reddish Orange EC441D
209 Dark Curry A47624
210 Faded Green 468A5F
211 Turquoise 3FB6A9
213 Medium Royal Blue 476FB6
Medium Violet 218 Reddish Lilac 8E5597 Brickset favicon.png
Violet 219 Lilac 564E9D Brickset favicon.png
Light Violet / Light Blue 220 Light Lilac 9195CA Brickset favicon.png
223 Light Pink F17880 DC9095
224 Light Brick Yellow F3C988
225 Warm Yellowish Orange FAA964 Brickset favicon.png
227 Tr. Bright Yellowish Green D4E5AB
228 Tr. Medium Bluish Green ** 8FBEC2
231 Tr. Flame Yellowish Orange F2C89B Brickset favicon.png
233 Light Faded Green 60BA76
234 Tr. Fire Yellow F1E5AF Brickset favicon.png
269 Tiny-Medium Blue 3E95B6
284 Tr. Reddish Lilac ** E1D7E1 Brickset favicon.png
285 Tr. Light Green ** E4DBDB Brickset favicon.png
Bright Pink 295 Flamingo Pink Brickset favicon.png
301 Silver Brickset favicon.png
Glow in Dark White BrickLink favicon.png 329 White Glow F5F3D7 Brickset favicon.png
Copper Copper Ink Brickset favicon.png
Metallic Gold Gold Ink Brickset favicon.png
Metallic Silver Silver Ink Brickset favicon.png

* Transparent colours recreated using RGBA, so that they can be displayed with their LDraw alpha level.

** Unknown colours within LDD, their names based on the information from the Isodomos Lego Color Factory conversion chart.

Rubber colours

LDraw No. LDraw Name LDraw RGB BrickLink favicon.png LEGO No. LEGO Name LDD RGB Brickset favicon.png Peeron RGB LCP RGB
65 Rubber Yellow F5CD2F
66 Rubber Trans Yellow F5CD2F *
67 Rubber Trans Clear FFFFFF *
256 Rubber Black 212121
273 Rubber Blue 0033B2
324 Rubber Red C40026
350 Rubber Orange D06610
375 Rubber Light Gray C1C2C1
406 Rubber Dark Blue 001D68
449 Rubber Purple 81007B
490 Rubber Lime D7F000
496 Rubber Light Bluish Gray A3A2A4
504 Rubber Flat Silver 898788
511 Rubber White FAFAFA

* Transparent colours recreated using RGBA, so that they can be displayed with their LDraw alpha level.

Miscellaneous colours

LDraw No. LDraw Name LDraw RGB BrickLink favicon.png LEGO No. LEGO Name LDD RGB Brickset favicon.png Peeron RGB LCP RGB
16 Main Color 7F7F7F
24 Edge Color 333333
32 Trans Black IR Lens 000000 * 109 Black IR 001414
493 Magnet 656761
494 Electric Contact Alloy D0D0D0
495 Electric Contact Copper AE7A59

* Transparent colours recreated using RGBA, so that they can be displayed with their LDraw alpha level.


  • LDraw 334 Chrome Gold matches parts listed as Not specified, and is possibly a match for LEGO 310 Metalized Gold.
  • LDraw 383 Chrome Silver matches parts listed as Not specified, and is possibly a match for LEGO 309 Metalized Silver.
  • LDraw 450 Fabuland Brown is possibly a match for LEGO 19 Light Brown.
  • LEGO 234 Tr. Fire Yellow matches parts on BrickLink listed as LDraw 46 Trans Yellow.