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Johann Eisner
Username: [technicbasics]
Age: 48 (2024)
Country: Austria
Role(s): Part Author, OMR admin

Johann is one of's Official Model Repository (OMR) administrators.

Name: Johann Eisner (Username: technicbasics)

Age: 48 (as of 2024)

Location: Perg, Austria, Europe

History with LDraw:

Already in the early years of childhood his enthusiasm for Lego was awakened, which continues today. His favorite models include the Unimog U400 (8110) and the MK II mobile crane (42009).

In recent years (starting in 2013) he has specialized in the application of Lego CAD programs (MLCaD, LPup3D,..) and has already created dozens of building instructions for models. The largest model he has digitized so far comprises about 3400 parts and is 1.20 meters long. (Lowboy Trailer for Lucios Tractor Truck a project with Matthias Klüver from in the year 2015). This model was surpassed again in 2020 through the collaboration with Schwaiwal. A gigantic wheel loader with more than 12,000 parts was created.

With the beginning of the year 2016 he works as an administrator in the forum on In 2018 he started supporting the Forum as a part-author and since the beginning of the year 2019 he has been managing the OMR (Official Model Repository) as administrator with Merljin Wissnik and Jaco van der Molen.

Related interests: Johann is a qualified electrical engineer and works for a global electrical company as a work planner in control cabinet construction. He spends his spare time with his family. And if there is still time left, he drives his motorbike every now and then.