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30464.dat, one of the many parts from the LEGO Universe Team.

The LDraw Steering Committee has been in contact with the LEGO Universe team, and to ease up the conversion between LDraw and LEGO Digital Designer, the LEGO Universe Team has shared part shapes with the community. So far the community has received three batches of parts, with the third batch being by far the largest and with most files to cleanse.

The list of received files and their status can be found at

However, being batches of raw data, the parts need some cleanup to be suitable for the parts library.


To help by cleansing a part, just go through the new parts charts and download the file you want to work on.

While cleansing, special attention has to be paid to header specifications, back face culling, color correction, primitive substitution, subfiling, code grouping and origin and orientation choosing.

Note the green polygons in part files, they may contain errors. Treat these with care.

The m-prefix found in the filenames of the third batch's files have been added by the LEGO Universe Team for internal reasons, please remove them.

The submitted part also should contain two !HISTORY lines due to the nature of these parts:

0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD {The LEGO Universe Team} Original part shape
0 !HISTORY YYYY-MM-DD [UserName] File preparation for LDraw Parts Tracker

LEGO Universe Team's !HISTORY date is the date the batch was shared, the parts charts contain the dates needed here. The latter date is the date you finish cleaning the part.

When you are finished, upload the file to the Parts Tracker.