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Nils Schmidt
Username: [BlackBrick89]
Age: 28
Country: Germany
Role(s): none

Name: Nils Schmidt (Username: BlackBrick89)

Age: 28 (as of 2017)

Gender: Male

Location: Schaumburg, Lower Saxony, Germany

History with LDraw:
Nils left his Dark Ages in 2009 when he used the LDraw System of Tools for the first time. Later on, he missed nearly all patterned parts from his favourite space theme UFO (1997–1998). He decided to built them all alone with a complex toolchain involving a commercial 3D editor from a Gaming-IDE, MLCAD, SlicerPro and the LDDesignPad.

While he progressed on his apprenticeship as a professional software developer, he invented the LD Pattern Creator program. Now, this program is commonly used by part authors all over the world to create patterned LDraw parts.

His future plan is to develop the LD Part Editor, which is a platform independend CAD editor written entirely in Java.

Related interests:
As a developer by trade, Nils likes to play the piano, charm the ladies and cooking. Currently, he studies nanotechnology. This area of expertise is loosely connected with LDraw due to its bottom-up approach.