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BrickLink Studio
Developer(s) LEGO
Initial release 2016-12-13 (open beta)
Current version 2.24.2_4 (2024-03-18)
Development status released
Operating system Windows, Mac
Available in English
Type modeling, rendering
License closed-source, free to use
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BrickLink Studio (formerly named is a 3D modeling and rendering software using the LDraw file format.

It stores its models in files with the extension *.io.

These files are simply ZIP files encrypted with the password soho0909. Inside them you can find a file named model.ldr in standard LDRAW format.

Custom Part Packs

By custom part packs, you can add parts to Bricklink Studio which are missing. For example, LDRAW parts. You can create such packs for example by using

Here is a list of already available packs:


For creating 3D images, BrickLink Studio contains integrations of the renderers

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