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LGEO is a library of LEGO parts modeled by POV-Ray primitives.

When exporting LDraw parts to POV-Ray format, tools like LDView can use an XML file, usually named LGEO.xml, to substitute dedicated parts by their LGEO implementations. An older tool L3P uses the two files lg_elements.lst and lg_colors.lst to accomplish much the same thing, as well as for indicating whether to switch over to using Anton Raves' POV-Ray parts instead.

Starting from the original library by Lutz Uhlmann, many people edited and added parts to it. This sadly has led to a tree of variations, not a single collection. This tree is shown here:

LGEO by Lutz Uhlmann (dead link*)
┃ ┣━Copy 1 (dead link*)
┃ ┣━archive.org backup of Copy 1 (as of 2012-03-20)
┃ ┗━Copy 2
┃ ┗━GitHub repository
┣━━━ LGEO update by Lars C. Hassing (possibly outdated)
┣━━━ LGEO update by Owen Burgoyne (may be newer than AIOI)
┣━━━ LGEO update by Damien Roux (the most recent)
┗━━━ Does anybody know more variants? Please add them here.

* = Lutz's site seems to be offline. His parts are included with the LDraw All-In-One Installer (AIOI), however.
= Owen's update is already included with the AIOI, but the archive linked to here may contain newer versions of his parts.
= Lars's updated parts seem to be older than the ones included with the AIOI, so it may be that you shouldn't use them.

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