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LGEO is a library of LEGO parts modeled by POV-Ray primitives.

When exporting LDraw parts to POV-Ray format, tools like LDView and L3P can use an XML file, usually named LGEO.xml, to substitute dedicated parts by their LGEO implementations.

Starting from the original library by Lutz Uhlmann, many people edited and added parts to it. This sadly has led to a tree of variations, not a single collection. This tree is shown here:

LGEO by Lutz Uhlmann *)
┃ ┣━Copy 1*)
┃ ┣━archive.org version of Copy 1 as of 2012-03-20
┃ ┗━Copy 2
┣━━━ LGEO update by Lars C. Hassing
┣━━━ LGEO update by Damien Roux
┗━━━ does anybody know more variants? please add them here

*) = site seems to be offline

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