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Lasse Deleuran
Username: [Lasse_Deleuran]
Age: 36
Country: Germany
Role(s): Part Author, App Developer

Lasse is the author of buildinginstructions.js which is used for the 3D previews of parts in the parts tracker, models in the OMR and building instructions on and Lasse has also created the mosaic software LDDMC, and various part authoring tools, such as Pattern Folder, as listed on

Name: Lasse Deleuran (Username: Lasse_Deleuran)

Age: 36 (as of 2020)

Location: Bavaria, Germany, Europe

Nationality: Danish

History with LDraw:

Lasse started using LDraw in 2004 after people had been asking for building instructions for one of his models. Back then it was a combination of MLCad, LDView and LPub which made it possible for him to share building instructions online. Up until 2018 he had created more than 100 MOCs this way, but was bothered by long rendering times and time spent on fixing small mistakes in the building instructions. Lasse started looking for alternate ways of sharing building instructions. He had been using brigl for showing 3D versions of his MOCs since 2012 and wanted to use this library for hosting building instructions as well, as this would no longer require picture to be pre-rendered in LPub. Unfortunately the brigl library had not been updated for some years, and Lasse realised it might be faster to start a new library from scratch. On August 4, 2018, the new 3D rendering project, buildinginstructions.js, was born with an LDraw loader based on three.js. The purpose was clear: To make 3D versions of LDraw parts and models available in any browser and to make sharing of building instructions as easy as possible. Lasse's main contributions have since then revolved around this library and its various usages on websites and in other apps, such as Pattern Folder.