Meet Leonardo Zide

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Leonardo Zide
Username: [leozide]
Age: 45
Country: USA
Role(s): Programmer

Leonardo is the author of LeoCAD.

Name: Leonardo Zide (Username: leozide)

Age: 45 (as of 2021)

Location: Los Angeles, USA, North America

History with LDraw:

Leonardo got involved with digital LEGO in the 90s, when he started developing LeoCAD. Later he heard about the L-CAD mailing list in and met the early members of the LDraw community there.

LeoCAD was created initially as a standalone application, with its own parts library and file format, but soon it was updated to adopt the LDraw library and file format.

General interests and area(s) of focus within the community:

Leonardo authored a few parts and contributed fixes to existing parts early on but isn't involved with parts creation anymore. He's a programmer and works with people in the community to develop ideas for the library and file format.