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Tim Gould
Username: [timgould]
Age: 34
Country: Australia
Role(s): Webmaster

Tim is currently one of's website content managers.

Name: Tim Gould (Username: timgould)

Age: 34 (as of 2011)

Location: Brisbane, Australia

History with LDraw: Tim had his first (largely unsuccessful) stint using LeoCAD in 2001 but then put it away after swapping sides of the globe. With the introduction of long train journeys and a laptop into his life he tried again with MLCAD in late 2004 and hasn't looked back since. By some fluke he ended up on the LDraw SteerCo in early 2006 and since then has done some part authoring (mostly shamelessly and selfishly) and taken on a role in the website.

Related interests: As a computer nerd of some form of other most of his life and long term lover of LEGO it is surprising he didn't pick up the CAD addiction earlier. Tim has been active as an AFOL lurker since about 1998 but only really began building seriously at the same time he started with MLCAD. He tends to jump theme a lot but is probably best known for trains. Tim writes for Brothers Brick blog and is active in many flickr LEGO groups.