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Developer(s) Lars C. Hassing
Initial release 14 February 1999
Current version 1.6 (2010-07-06)
Development status unknown
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English
Type Library utility
License GNU GPL
Website unknown
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mklist is a tool used for generating the parts.lst file used within the LDraw system, and was created as a replacement for makelist and makelst2.

It is currently included with the LDraw All-In-One Installer.


Running mklist gives the user the following two options:

mklist  v1.6 20100706  (C) 1999-2010 Lars C. Hassing  [email protected]
Replacement for James Jessiman's makelist
Call with -h to see a list of options.

Sorting by [D]escription.
Sort by [N]umber or [D]escription:

By default, mklist sorts parts by description, but the user can select either [N] or [D].

Running mklist with the -h switch displays the following additional switches:

  -h        You already figured this one out :-)
  -n        Sort by Number
  -d        Sort by Description
  -c        Check for duplicate descriptions. "parts.lst" unchanged.
  -m        Don't skip parts with "~Moved to xxx" description
  -~        Skip parts with ~ description, e.g. "~Winch  2 x  4 x  2 Top"
  -i <dir>  input directory, default is "PARTS" in current directory
  -o <file> output filename, default is "parts.lst" in current directory
  -f        Force it to finish.  No prompts.
  -q        Quiet mode.  No warnings, and no prompts.
  -8        Use 8.3 names for compatibility.
  -t        Truncating descriptions to fit in an 80 char terminal window.
  -r        Ragged filename column.  Size it to fit short filenames.
  -l        Truncate Long descriptions at 64 chars.
  -v        Print verbose info.  Useful for debugging.

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