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I'm a web developer as my day job, and a hobby programmer at home. I've played with LEGO since I was a child. As an adult I still do, but the amount of free space I have is limited, so the move to LDraw was natural. I've also been a Blender user since 2.42. I don't have a huge portfolio of finished projects, but it is a fun pastime I have to wind down.

One day while trying to build some of my favorite sets of all time, I discovered that some very prominent patterned parts were missing. I spent some time trying to figure out a few part building tools, but my muscle memory for Blender made it very difficult to get anything done. Add to that, the LDraw spec was an attractive challenge to figure out. The combination of those two factors led me to build an addon for Blender so that I could have my cake and eat it too.

The problem was I didn't know python or have any background in the kind of math that 3d programming needs. But that didn't stop me and now I love python and I have a very nice addon that didn't exist before and that works well - if I do say so myself. The process of learning the LDraw spec and python has been rewarding and fun and has helped me in my day job when programming for performance.

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