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Virtual LEGO
Author(s) Tim Courtney
Steve Bliss
Ahui Herrera
Country United States
Language English
Published 2003 by No Starch Press
ISBN 978-1-886411-94-4
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Virtual LEGO is the official LDraw guide to building virtual models, using the LDraw system of tools.

The following is a list of some of the tools covered in the book:


  1. What is LDraw?
  2. Installing the Software and Using This Book
  3. Diving In: Creating Your First Model
  4. The LDraw Parts Library
  5. Placing, Moving, and Rotating Parts
  6. Exploring MLCad
  7. Capturing a Simple Model: The Car
  8. Complex Models: Sub-modeling and SNOT
  9. Minifigs, Springs, Rubber Belts, and More
  10. Creating and Using Flexible Elements
  11. Managing Your Model Files
  12. Introduction to Building Instructions
  13. Introduction to 3D Rendering
  14. L3P and L3P Add-On
  15. LPub: Automate Building Instruction Renderings
  16. POV-Ray
  17. MegaPOV
  18. Post-Processing Your Building Instructions
  19. LDraw and the Web: Viewing and Publishing Models Online
  20. Building Instructions: Mobile Crane
  21. Creating Your Own LDraw Parts
  22. LDraw and LEGO Bricks: Taking the Hobby Further


  1. Glossary of Terms
  2. Web Links
  3. LDraw Community History
  4. LDraw File Format Specifications
  5. Extended and Dithered Color Information
  6. LDraw Primitives Reference

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